Chak, Jason, Lucy and about eighty other supporters of the Garden City Lands shared fun and plans at this Garden City Lands Coalition fundraiser. Carol Day photo.

Richmond School Board Trustee Dr. Chak Au and other supporters at a Garden City Lands Coalition fundraiser.

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What action will help save the Garden City Lands?

Reminder: The Garden City Lands Coalition is a community of people who want the Garden City lands, Richmond, BC, to remain green in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) for agricultural, ecological and park uses.

The content of this page still has some application, but we need to update it soon to reflect our new purposes under our new name, Garden City Conservation Society.

What can you do to make a difference?

  • Read the Richmond's Garden City Lands blog. Read about the evolving kinds of action that are most useful.
  • Tell your family and friends about the issue. Let everyone know what is going on¡Xand why it is so important.
  • Write the newspapers to voice your opinion.
  • Become a member of the Garden City Conservation Society.
  • Read Save Garden City, which was the Coalition's response to the ALR-exclusion application.
  • Turn your vehicle into a rolling billboard. Build awareness! You can see through and around, so visibility is not noticeably impaired. The most popular sizes are 11" and 22". Installation included. Easy to remove. Minimum donation: $20. You can also obtain a smaller Save Garden City bumper sticker free when you become a member of the Garden City Conservation Society.
    Save Garden City vehicle sign. Carol Day photo.
    To obtain signs, contact Carol Day, CAT Signs and Graphics, (604) 240-1986,

Why does the society aim for an ongoing financial reserve?

The Garden City Conservation Society¡¦s funds are currently adequate, including a small reserve for the unforeseeable expenses that inevitably arise. That is a result of donations, fundraising, membership fees, and especially the many hours of work that have been contributed as a public service. The reason a continuous inflow of funds is still important is to maintain this desirable position, enabling quick action even when it entails costs.

It is likely that the society will be needed for several years for purposes specific to the Garden City Lands. After that, the society may choose to focus on other issues of farmland protection and food security in the Garden City (Richmond), and the constitution already allows for that. If the membership decides to dissolve the society instead, the directors¡¦ intent is that any remaining funds would first be passed on to societies with similar purposes.

Thank you for acting!

¡§You have no doubt read all that has appeared in the newspapers about town planning, etc., etc., and the necessity of retaining open spaces for parks, etc., now that they are available. It would be a pity to let it fall into private hands, and I hope to hear some day that Richmond has secured it.¡¨
¡XMajor J.S. Matthews, legendary first archivist of the City of Vancouver, re the Garden City Lands, 1928

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