Chak, Jason, Lucy and about eighty other supporters of the Garden City Lands shared fun and plans at this Garden City Lands Coalition fundraiser. Carol Day photo.


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  • 請立刻寫信到農地委員會,告訴他們為何花園城市地段應該保留在農地儲備。這裡有一些提議如何寫信;將您的寶貴意見電郵至 或郵寄至Agricultural Land Commission, #133 4940 Canada Way, Burnaby, B.C.  V5G 4K6
  • 將這爭議教育您的家人和朋友,讓大家知道到底出了什麽亂子,和它為何是那麼重要。
  • 參閱花園城市土地部落格 您會了解更多
  • 寫信到每一份地區報刊,如Richmond News (列治文新聞)Richmond Review (列治文回顧)Asian Post (亞洲郵報)、或Epoch Times (世紀時代) , 提出您的寶貴意見。
  • 把您的汽車變成流動廣告牌,提高市民關注! 您可以從車內看透這個廣告牌, 因此您的視綫不會被阻礙。汽車膠貼的大小是直徑11吋或22吋,不損車身或玻璃,並且容易去除,建議捐贈最少$20(已包材料及安裝費)

Save Garden City vehicle sign. Carol Day photo.

如欲獲得汽車標誌,請與Carol Day, Cat Signs and Graphics聯繫,電話(604) 240-1986,

Thank you for acting!

“You have no doubt read all that has appeared in the newspapers about town planning, etc., etc., and the necessity of retaining open spaces for parks, etc., now that they are available. It would be a pity to let it fall into private hands, and I hope to hear some day that Richmond has secured it.”
Major J.S. Matthews, legendary first archivist of the City of Vancouver, re the Garden City Lands, 1928

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