Eco-touring the Garden City Lands on a wet evening

Neither rain nor bog nor approaching twilight deters our community from appreciating the Garden City Lands.

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Save Garden City - the Coalition request to Canada Lands Company

The Garden City Lands Coalition Society developed  Save Garden City, an extensive request for genuine community benefit from the renegotiation of the basic Garden City Lands agreement ("the MOU"), and couriered it to Canada Lands Company to arrive on the morning of July 15, 2009.

Note: For each file mentioned below, the size in kilobytes (kB) will give you a sense of the time needed for downloading.

Save Garden City has several components. Besides a cover/title page (184 kB), they include:

Basic request: 1-page Coalition letter to Canada Lands Company (255 kB)

Preface: 5-page "please read first" overview (122  kB).

Full request: 43 pages¡Xan executive summary and three sections (753 kB)

Resources: 18 documents that fill out the sections further, as listed with hyperlinks below.

Petition: 87 pages of handwritten and online signatures, with an explanation here

Final note: a few final words of appreciation to Canada Lands Company

Note: The full request and the resources are identical to the ones submitted to the Agricultural Lands Commission when it was considering the second ALR-exclusion application that Canada Lands Company directed in its role as application project manager. All the other items are either completely new (the preface) or significantly revised from the ALC versions.

You can reach the Save Garden City resources, which include some of the best content, via hyperlinks in the full request or the following list:

1        Revelations at August 14 Commission meeting (669 kB)

2        The Garden City Lands ¡§public consultation¡¨ (1,235 kB)

3        The Lands and the BC Agriculture Plan (376 kB)

4A     The muddy issue (202 kB)

4B     Our Stanley Park (209 kB)

4C     The 14,650 coincidence (164 kB)

4D     Promise in the land (251 kB)

4E     Enabling Canada Lands¡¦ green values (212 kB)

5       Richmond Poverty Response re food security (706 kB)

6       Sustainable Food Systems Park Proposal (488 kB)

7       KPU Urban Agriculture Education Concept (119 kB)

8A     Blueberry farming on the Lands (873 kB)

8B     Previous similar Richmond agricultural success (124 kB)

9A     Hon. Gerry Ritz to the Coalition (346 kB)

9B     Hon. Linda Reed to the citizens (398 kB)

10     Smart Growth B.C.¡¦s Cheeying Ho re Smart Growth (218 kB)

11A   ¡§Space Invaders¡¨¡Xthe Hochstein ALR view (674 kB)

11B   ¡§Randy to all,¡¨ Dec. 6, 2007, memo (112 kB)

12     City staff re CCAP, 2008-06-11, page 11 (59 kB)

Note: In February 2009, the Agricultural Land Commission rejected the ALR-exclusion application.

Reminder: The Garden City Lands Coalition is a community of people who want the Garden City lands, Richmond, BC, to remain green in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) for agricultural, ecological and park uses.

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