"The Barn" at Terra Nova Rural Park, 2631 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC. Jim Wright photo.

"The Barn" at Terra Nova Rural Park, Richmond, BC, as seen from the country lane, Westminster "Highway"

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The Barn at Terra Nova Rural Park, Richmond, BC

The Red Barn at Terra Nova Rural Park, 2631 Westminster Highway, looks like a barn, but it now serves more as a gathering place. It even has a new kitchen, used primarily by Chef Ian Lai for his community-service activities. On the north side of the building, there are public washrooms, which are accessed from outside. As with other aspects of the Terra Nova Rural Park, the City of Richmond has done a terrific job. The City now calls it "Terra Nova Rural Park Farm Centre," although those who have grown to know and love it for more than half a dozen years will always know its real name.

Need directions? Click here to use the Terra Nova Barn Route map!

The map shows the final part of the road route to "The Barn," as well as an additional parking area that is nearby. (Note: Give the map a few seconds to fully appear. It's worth the wait.)

2631 Westminster entrance for The Barn, Terra Nova Rural Park, Richmond, BC

At the 2631 Westminster entrance, one used to notice the green 2631 sign on the left. It shared a pole with the signs of groups that ów thanks to the City of Richmond ów use this part of the Terra Nova Rural Park for community benefit; they are now known as the Richmond Schoolyard Society and the Sharing Farm Society. They flourish together in harmony, along with community gardeners and city staff. Many organizations, companies, and individuals contribute to the success and become immersed in the harmony. The new sign says "Terra Nova Rural Park Farm Centre." Between the lines, that sounds like "Welcome to bureaucracy," but the reality of the Sharing Farm has not changed so much except for the huge loss of Mary Gazetas (1943-2012), whose energy can still be felt but whose physical absence is also felt.


Reminder: The Garden City Lands could become the urban cousin of the Terra Nova Rural Park.

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