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by Bruno Vernier -

The Richmond Secondary School Green Team, in collaboration with Garden City Conservation Society, and Earth Literacies, will be hosting a Miyawaki Pocket Forest Planting and Celebration on Saturday, November 19th, 2022. A Miyawaki Pocket Forest is a dense formation of native species that boasts 10x faster growth, 30x more density, and 100x more biodiversity due to its resemblance to a wild, sprawling forest. This Forest is being planted in hopes of rewilding and decolonizing the space, re-establishing biodiversity, mitigating climate change effects (sequestering carbon, excess precipitation, drought, heat domes, etc.), and creating a community space. We dug 1 metre deep, combined the base with local compost and organic material, and will be planting a mix of 30 different species native to the West Coast from Richmond down to Oregon (to prepare for the Southern climate shift). Folks of all ages are welcome to join and help with the planting of the first Miyawaki Pocket Forest in Western Canada located on the west side of Richmond Secondary School (on Moffatt Road), address 7171 Minoru Boulevard, Richmond BC. This project is sponsored by TreeCanada. 

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Local Sources of Native Plants

by Bruno Vernier -

Local Nurseries focusing on Native Plants:

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