Garden City Conservation Society

Current Events

GCCS put on 2 workshops on preparing cuttings for pocket forests (mainly for students of Richmond Secondary) see video production by J Peachy

The 2021 AGM Annual Gathering of the GCCS will take place on Saturday, Oct 2, 2021 at 11AM in hybrid mode: online and at the KPU Dome in the GCL. Please join us in person or virtually or in person inside the dome on the Garden City Lands; and will livestream the meeting for those who would like to join us virtually. The KPU dome is considered an indoor space and masks are required. The area is spacious, lots of room to distance, and it is well ventilated.

In early September, we released a statement on the importance of biodiversity, filmed at Richmond’s first Adopt-a-Bird Habitat and are promoting the Miyawaki Method and creating a Miyawaki Database

The 2020 Annual Gathering of the Garden City Conservation Society took place on Saturday, November 28, 2020, online including a slideshow


Welcome to our home! We are the Garden City Conservation Society, and we were born here in Richmond, BC, Canada, originally as the Garden City Lands Coalition. (See Legacy link above)

The Garden City Lands is 136 acres of greenspace in the city centre that was almost torn up for high-density development but is now Richmond-owned parkland.

Our goals is now to steward Richmond's natural legacy for community wellness.

We are a community of people who cooperate toward that goal and to all Garden City Conservation goals (as resources permit) as a public service for the people of Richmond, as well as the region, province and the world.